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Name Title/Department Email
Mitchell, Rosanne Principal Email
Wade, Cindy Assistant Principal Email
Bailey, Sheila Guidance Counselor Email
Hatfield, Maelynn Curriculum Email


Name Title/Department Email
Amerson, Tonya Kindergarten Email
Blalock, Kathy Media Specialist Email
Boswell, Keyla First Grade Email
Brown, Alicia Second Grade Email
Carroll, Clay Social Studies Email
Dady, Mary ESE Email
Duke, Vicky Math Email
Ellenburg, Nikki Middle & HS ESE Email
Gautney, Amanda Pre-K Email
Gilley, Alesha First Grade Email
Hatcher, April Kindergarten Email
Hayford, Carrie Business Technology & Yearbook Email
Herndon, T.J. HS English Email
Jefferson, Bonnie Middle School Math Email
Johns, Brooke Third Grade Email
Justice, Alison Speech Pathologist Email
Lassiter, Carson Physical Education Email
Lassiter, Julie Elementary Physical Education Email
Lee, Leesa Elementary Music Email
Mathews, Lisa Social Studies/Reading Email
McKinney, Jonathan Fifth Grade, Science and Social Studies Email
Messer, Nancy Middle School Reading Email
Mollet, Donna Fourth Grade Email
Moore, Mikayla Third Grade Email
Purvee, Lisa Math Email
Richards, Sheila Family & Consumer Science Email
Smith, Shelley Fifth Grade Email
Stafford, Russell Agriculture Email
Sumner, Andrew ISS Coordinator Email
Sumner, Cathy Elementary ESE Email
Watkins, Hannah Middle School Social Studies Email
Whitaker, Cheryl Fifth Grade Email
Williams, Beth Fourth Grade Email
Williams, David College English/Aerospace Academy Email

Bus Drivers & Support Staff

Name Title/Department Email
Ard, Mike Bus Driver
Carter, Loretta Bus Driver
Conner, Amy Receptionist Email
Duke, Rhonda ESE Aide
Hardy, Ashley ISS Email
Hitzing, Dixie Cafeteria Worker
Helms, Peggy Cafeteria Manager Email
Ingram, Sandra School Health Aide
Johnson, Chris Cafeteria Worker/Bus Driver
Lemieux, Mary Data Entry Clerk Email
Messer, Laurie Elementary Aide
Mollet, Aaron Baseball Coach/ESE Aide
Myers, Sherry Computer Lab Assistant Email
Newman, Jerry Maintenance
Owens, Blossom Cashier/Aide Email
Paul, Jeanine Cafeteria
Paul, Wayne Custodian
Smith, Mike Custodian  
Stafford, Heather Bookkeeper Email
Stewart, Mary Aide Email
Ward, Peggy Bus Driver
Watson, Betty Bus Driver
Yarbrough, Ramona Bus Driver